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Going camping? These items will make it a breeze.

Going camping? These items will make it a breeze.

Just because you’re immersing yourself in nature doesn’t mean you have to give up luxuries like hot coffee or ice-cold water. Knowing what to take camping will make all the difference in how much you enjoy your experience. 

Whether you’re going to rough it under the stars or go glamping in a yurt, these items will help you spend more time enjoying your trip.

Browse our checklist and start planning your next outing. Whether you want a large-capacity mug so everyone can share or smaller water bottles to pass out among the family, we have you covered.

To-Go Bowl (12 or 18 oz.)

This portable bowl is a multi-functional wonder! Fill it with hot soup in the morning and it will still be warm six hours later for lunch. Or, store some fruit and ice in it and the fruit will stay cold for an incredible 20 hours. 

The leak-proof design is perfect for placing in your backpack while you hike. It won’t spill, no matter what kind of trails you climb. 

If you’re going to pack a container, you might as well pack something that will double as either a cooler or thermos. 

The 12-ounce size is perfect for packing food for one person. Or, get more bang for your buck and use the 18-ounce size for two or three people. 

Performance Flask (17 or 34 oz.)

Take your hot water or coffee with you in the morning and it will stay hot for an impressive 18 hours! The performance flask is perfect if you’re going hiking in a chilly, mountainous region like the Colorado Rockies. 

Fill your performance flask with hot coffee in the morning and it will still be hot when you go to bed that night. Imagine having hot coffee or tea at your disposal all day long, no kettle needed! 

The handle makes it easy to carry or attach to your pack. Plus, the lid doubles as a cup, saving you precious room in your backpack. 

The Performance Flask comes in two impressive sizes. The 17-ounce is ideal for one or two people. The 34-ounce flask holds enough liquid for two or three people. 

Hot water comes in hand when you’re camping - from cleaning minor wounds to making instant soup while you are hiking, you’ll appreciate having a supply at your disposal all day long.

Cold1 Mug (24, 32, 40, or 50 oz.)

If you’re camping in a warmer climate, you’ll love a water bottle that will keep your drinks cold for longer than a day. The Cold1 Mug can keep your water or drinks cold for up to 30 hours. 

Staying hydrated is super important while you camp and clean drinking water might be hard to find at more remote campsites. 

The Cold1 Mug’s incredible lid lets you sip, pour, or drink from a straw. 

Plus, the sweatproof design means you can store it in your backpack without worrying about it dampening your clothes or supplies.

Choose from one of the four impressive sizes. The smallest size is perfect for a single camper. The 50-ounce mug is perfect if you want to pack your own water and use it over multiple days. 

Hydro Pure Bottle (20 or 28 oz.)

The Hydro Pure Bottle is even easier to add to your backpack. The slim design fits easily within the side pockets of most backpacks and the silicone carrying strap is the perfect fit for carabiners. 

The contoured lip makes it easy to sip while you are hiking or relaxing by the lake. Plus, you don’t have to worry about frequent cleaning. The copper cap is made with natural germ-fighting ions, helping to keep you healthy while you drink your water. 

This vacuum-insulated water bottle will keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours. Fill it with ice water before you leave and it will still be cold the next day! 

In fact, this bottle has an extra-large opening that is ideal for filling with ice. If you have a few of these bottles, you can fill one with ice and then keep adding ice to the bottles of water. Then, you’ll have ice water whenever you need it. 

It comes in two sizes - 20 ounces or 28 ounces.  Not only does it hold more than the average plastic water bottle, but it keeps your drink cold for a long time, too.

Imagine how refreshing it will be to drink ice-cold water after hiking a hot trail in California. Your body will thank you! 

Wherever adventure takes you, bring Reduce!

Reduce Everyday cares about the environment. Disposable water bottles and food storage supplies are common types of litter at national parks, trails, and more. Our water bottles, bowls, and mugs will last through countless camping trips and are less likely to be discarded where they shouldn’t. 

Imagine how many plastic water bottles you can save from the landfill or ocean, just by using one reusable water bottle. Whether you’re taking a short camping trip during the summer or spending a longer time on a cold mountain, bring Reduce and keep your drinks hot or cold!

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