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Best Water Bottles for School

Best Water Bottles for School

Athletes and students, children and teens, all need to stay hydrated. Reduce has the best water bottles for school, sports, and more. Find products specially designed for their age and where they’ll use them. 

While you’re stocking up on colored pencils and backpacks, don’t forget reusable water bottles! They come in lots of fun colors and designs, so your kids are sure to find something they love.

Best for Young Kids: 13 oz Frostee Bottle

Preschoolers and kindergarteners are still learning how to control and develop their fine and gross motor skills. They’re also high-energy at this age and do better if they stay hydrated. 

In fact, studies show that kiddos aged 4-8 years old need about five cups of beverages per day. 

The Reduce Frostee bottle has an easy-open flip-top lid that kids as young as four years old can open with the push of a few fingers. It’s just as easy to close and fits in the side pocket of almost any backpack. 

This bottle can stand up to all the drops, kicks, and tumbles typical of little ones. The leak-proof design keeps liquids contained and backpacks dry.

Plus, Frostee keeps drinks ice cold for an astounding 15 hours. Send it off in the morning and their drink will still be cold when they get home. 

Parents, this cup is super easy to keep clean, too. It’s dishwasher safe on the top rack and doesn’t include any hard-to-wash parts.

Best for Elementary Schoolers: 14 oz Hydro Pro Bottle

Older kids prefer the Hydro Pro bottle’s twist cap and bright colors. Thanks to the silicone handle, they’ll never lose the lid. 

It can hold up to 14 ounces of water - that’s a cup and a half. The large opening is perfect for ice. Hydro Pro keeps drinks refreshingly cold for up to 24 hours, making it the perfect water bottle to prepare and pack the night before. 

Just like the Frostee bottle, Hydro Pro is easy to clean on the top rack of the dishwasher.

It fits into the side pocket of most backpacks and is both leak-proof and sweat-proof. As long as the lid is screwed on tightly, kids don’t have to worry about their water bottle ruining their homework.

Finally, with a rubber no-slip base, it stays upright on desks and lunch tables. 

Best for Middle and High Schoolers: 28 oz Hydro Pure Bottle

As kids get older, their hydration needs increase, too, with teens needing almost the same amount of water as adults. 

Physicians suggest teens drink about 64 ounces of water each day. The easiest way to reach this hydration goal is to drink two 28-ounce Hydro Pure bottles of water. 

The 28-ounce Hydro Pure bottles are slender so they fit easily into backpacks. They also come with a copper lid and lip that are naturally antibacterial, protecting kids from common germs they come into contact with throughout the school day. 

The silicone handle is easy to grab and can be attached to backpacks or other bags with a carabiner.

Best for Athletes: 50 oz Hydrate Bottle

Hardworking athletes need even more hydration. The 50-ounce Hydrate Bottle delivers half of their daily intake needs without refilling a water bottle over and over. 

It’s leak-proof with an easy flip-top lid that athletes can grab and open with one hand. 

Plus, this bottle can take a beating. The extra-durable BPA-free Tritan is impact-resistant. It’s easy to fill with water or a sports drink and throw in their backpack or duffle bag. 

The extra-large opening is easy to fill with whole ice cubes for cold water all day. The lip is easy to drink from - or use this bottle with a washable silicone straw

Either way, this water bottle will keep your young athlete hydrated without having to find a water fountain throughout practice.

Best for Lunch Boxes: Kids Water Bottle Set

The Kids Water Bottle set comes in a range of fun prints and fits easily in almost any lunch box. 

These bottles feature a leak-proof lid and durable BPA-Free Tritan material. They can lay in the bottom of a large box or fit snugly in a smaller one. 

However, don’t let their small size fool you. They hold 14 ounces of liquid. That’s a cup and a half, making it perfect for young kiddos. 

Plus, they come with a tray that keeps the water bottles organized in the refrigerator. Fill them up on Sunday night and they’re ready for the week! 

Just like our other water bottles, these are top-rack dishwasher safe. Since they don’t have any small parts, they’re a cinch to just rinse out and put in the dishwasher. 

Spark Excitement for School with Reduce Water Bottles!

Browse and buy the perfect water bottles for their hydration needs. Your small children and teens will all enjoy picking out water bottles in their favorite colors or prints. 

Reduce Water Bottles are simple to wash and reuse. Back to school is fun when you have everything you need for a successful (and healthy) year!

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