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Are vacuum-insulated cups dishwasher safe?

Are vacuum-insulated cups dishwasher safe?

When it comes to vacuum-insulated cups, the majority currently available are not dishwasher safe. You could shell out a lot of money for an expensive insulated cup only to have it come out of the dishwasher warped or leaking.

No one has time to hand-wash a bunch of cups every day. That’s why Reduce uses unique materials that make all of our products dishwasher safe. Effortless cleaning done right.

All Reduce Everyday Products Can Go in the Dishwasher

No more chipped paint or waterlogged cups – Reduce products are designed to withstand the big bad dishwasher and come out of every wash looking just as new as the day you got it.

Let’s take a look at some of the unique styles of dishwasher-safe, vacuum-insulated cups that Reduce has to offer:

Cold1 Mug

The Cold1 Mug is a must-have for beverages on the go. Whether you’re bringing iced coffee with you on the way to work, toting water along on a walk, or taking a cocktail with you on a boat, the 24-ounce Cold1 Mug travels easily from point A to point B. 

This dual wall vacuum-insulated cup with a handle and a straw is the perfect travel companion. The tapered design of the mug allows the base to fit in most cup holders so you don’t have to balance your cup or risk spilling your drink in the car. 

It’s also BPA-free, sweatproof, dishwasher safe, and comes in seven stylish colors. From cotton pink to cayenne to charcoal, we have a color to match your vibe. 

Cold1 Tumbler

The Cold1 Tumbler is the perfect staple for all-day hydration. It holds 34 ounces and will keep your drink cold for 30 hours straight! 

While plenty of vacuum-insulated cups are not dishwasher safe, this stainless steel, BPA-free tumbler can be tossed in the dishwasher so that it’s clean and ready to use every day. 

In three striking colors with a coordinating metallic base, this cup has a 3-in-1 lid that makes it perfect for use with or without a straw.

reduce products in dishwasher

Hot1 Mug

Tired of your coffee going cold because you didn’t drink it within five minutes of pouring? Check out this mug. One cup of coffee or tea in the Hot1 Mug will replace your all-time favorite mug in the cabinet. 

While most vacuum-insulated mugs are designed as travel mugs and may not fit under a single-serve coffee machine, the Hot1 mug is shaped like a normal 14-ounce coffee mug, except it keeps your drink hot for four hours instead of five minutes. 

Plus, it’s dishwasher safe, so it doesn’t take any extra effort to wash and reuse the next day. This everyday mug comes in four stunning colors and has an adjustable vent that will keep your drink hot while cooling it down enough that it won’t burn you.

Hydro Pure Bottle

The 28-ounce Hydro Pure Bottle is the water bottle to replace all other water bottles. Not only is it dishwasher safe, but it can withstand a few days of use without washing because of the antibacterial material it is made with. 

This bottle is designed to kill 99.9% of germs within 24 hours and will keep your water cold for 36 hours! It is leakproof, easy to carry with a silicone strap, and features an anti-slip rubber base. 

The copper cap has natural germ-fighting ions and covers the large opening that accommodates ice, and the contoured lip makes it easy to drink out of. 

The Hydro Pure Bottle comes in three gorgeous colors and is leakproof for all-day, everyday hydration. 

Performance Flask

The 17-ounce Performance Flask is another perfect option for on-the-go sippers. This stainless steel thermos will keep your drinks hot for 18 hours or cold for 36 hours and is dishwasher safe. 

The leak-proof lid also doubles as an eight-ounce vacuum-insulated mug!  

To Go Bowl

Another dishwasher-safe, dual-wall, vacuum-insulated must-have is the 12-ounce To Go Bowl. It will keep its contents hot for six hours or cold for 20 hours and is easy to carry and sweatproof, so you can bring your snacks with you wherever you go.

And More!

The products mentioned above are just a few of the many options that Reduce has and ALL of our products are dishwasher safe. When it comes to your Reduce products, you never have to worry about putting them in the dishwasher. 

Recommendations for Use

While all of our products are dishwasher safe, you may hand wash if you want to maximize the performance of the product. 

But if you can’t or don’t have time, don’t worry – your Reduce product will do just fine in the dishwasher. 

Dishwasher-Safe Tumblers, Mugs & Cups by Reduce Everyday

When it comes to dishwasher-safe tumblers, mugs, cups, and more, Reduce Everyday is the brand to choose. Our products will keep hot things hot and cold things cold, the way they are meant to be. 

Check out our variety of products that will make your life easier and keep your food and drinks fresh.
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