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Family to family

As a family-owned company, we know what it takes to keep everyone in your house

Ken Kreafle launched the Reduce brand in 2006 with a solution to reduce our dependence on disposable water bottles – the Waterweek system.

From the Kreafle dining room table to our Atlanta-based design studio, the Reduce team continues to solve problems with over 20 patented innovations that make hydration easier and more sustainable for the whole family.

Drink(ware)your feelings.

There’s a Reduce option for every moment and mood. From playground to party, our drinkware is made to fill your cup, wherever the day takes you.

We stand by our product with our 100% lifetime guarantee. We’re all about simplifying your life… as much as any drinkware can.

Thirsty for more

We believe small changes make a big impact. Our entire team is dedicated to serving our community.

We partner with Chattahoochee River Keepers to keep our local river clean, knowing that cleaner rivers lead to cleaner oceans.

We raise money for Triple Negative Breast Cancer Research because one team member’s victory can lead to more.

We donate our time to the Backpack Project so that one good day can lead to a better week, a hopeful month, a contented life.

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