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Do Reduce products contain lead?
Our products are, and always have been, safe. We understand the concerns about the use of lead in insulated drinkware and want to ensure our customers have all the correct information.
We use an industry standard in our manufacturing process to seal the insulation at the base of our products with a small pellet containing trace amounts of lead, which is then covered with another layer of paint and a rubber base, making it inaccessible to our customers. No lead ever comes into contact with the customer or what the customer puts into our drinkware. Again, Reduce’s products are safe and meet or exceed current U.S. regulatory requirements as verified by independent testing.
Will you address the lead sealing process?
One of Reduce’s core values is to always do the right thing for our customers. That’s why we have initiated the transition to a completely lead-free manufacturing process. If the base of one of our products is ever damaged during normal usage, we will replace it as part of our Lifetime Guarantee, which you can read here:

Is it safe to drink from a cup that uses the lead sealing process?
Yes. No lead ever comes into contact with the customer or what the customer puts into our drinkware.

What kind of stainless steel/grade does your drinkware use?
We use Food Grade 18/8 Stainless Steel.

Is Reduce drinkware regulated by the government?
Yes. Our products meet or exceed all current U.S. regulatory requirements.

How are your products tested?
Our products are tested by third-party, independent labs.

Does Reduce assure its products follow regulatory requirements for BPA/BPS?
Yes! Reduce uses high quality materials that meet or exceed industry standards. Our products are BPA free, and Phthalate free.
What grade of Stainless Steel do you use in your products?
Reduce uses high quality food grade 18/8 stainless steel in our products.

Where can I find replacement lids?
Click (HERE) to order a replacement lid. We stock lids on nearly every item that we sell. Please note that the color of your lid may not be the exact color of the original. We stock neutral colored replacement lids that compliment the widest variety of colors.

Are Reduce products dishwasher safe?
Yes, all Reduce products are dishwasher safe! 

Can I put hot beverages in Cold1 or cold beverages in Hot1?
Yes! Vacuum insulated drinkware works the same for both hot or cold beverages. However, some of our lids lend themselves to cold or hot beverages. We caution against sipping hot beverages with a straw.

Does Reduce give donations for charitable causes?
Reduce is very involved in giving back to the community. We volunteer & make regular donations to the following organizations: Agape Center of Atlanta and Chattahoochee River Conservation, among others. Unfortunately, we are not able to fulfill additional requests currently.

How do I check the status of an order I placed on your website?
When placing an order through you should receive an order confirmation by email. Once the order is processed you will receive a tracking number. Orders take between 7-10 business days to arrive. If you have questions in regards to your order please contact:

I need to make changes to an order I placed, how do I fix it?
Email us at as soon as possible. Orders are often picked and shipped within 24 hours of receipt.

Does Reduce sell silicone gaskets for tumblers and bottles?
We sell gasket replacements for our most popular products HERE. If you have received a silicone gasket that is defective/broken upon purchase of products please contact our customer support at for support.

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