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Safety Notices

It is our goal to always provide the best and safest product to our consumers.  If we find that there are any issues with product that we have sold we will issue recalls with the CPSC as quickly as possible.  If there are any recalls of our product it will be found on this page.


PLEASE NOTE: All current product in Costco Stores are not part of this recall. The new bottle in stores is purple and does not contain any lead in the coatings.


Item 10199 Hydro Pro 14oz Bottle 2pk (Pink and Gray Bottle Set)

Our product testing has determined that the pink paint on the pink bear bottle contains levels of lead that exceed the federal lead paint standard. (The gray lamb bottle was tested as safe)

This product was in a limited number of stores January and February of 2018. 

This voluntary recall is being done in cooperation with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Please return the item to your local Costco for a full refund.  If you purchased this item on Amazon.com please contact us for a replacement item or a refund (including shipping).  We recommend that you stop using the product immediately and take it away from any children.




Please email us at info@basebrands.com or call us at 1-833-600-2887 if you have any questions or concerns.